2017 CFO Survey: Navigating disruption

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Grant Thornton LLP worked with the Association of Government Accountants (AGA) to survey Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and other federal, state and local leaders in the CFO community to understand their reaction to the new administration’s initiatives, and the implementation challenges and opportunities they face. Our survey included questions related to the CFO’s role in this effort, the CFO’s perception of the current operating environment, and what the CFO community sees as the challenges they face in transforming their operations and contributing to the improvement of agency operations, in general. Finally, we asked if CFOs feel they have the tools to meet these challenges.

The new administration is driving change and reorganizing whole agencies, programs, and their support functions, providing a level of disruption beyond that usually associated with past transitions. This disruption provides opportunities for the federal financial management community to lead real, lasting change in agency operations. This year’s survey shows that, while not all are directly involved in the development of streamlining proposals, many federal financial management leaders have chosen to take advantage of what’s going on and continue to make progress, despite some gaps in political leadership. While recognizing the opportunity, CFOs find themselves owning the data critical to rational decision-making, but often lacking the capacity or resources to analyze it and provide actionable information to leadership.

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