Technology industry CFOs’ perspectives on Trump administration business policies

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Despite the lack of legislative action on the Trump administration’s legislative agenda, we continue to see an increase in executive branch action affecting regulatory policy. In light of this, technology CFOs remain optimistic about the outcomes of both legislative and executive branch decisions.

In all but two areas — regulatory compliance and reduced leverage — they overwhelmingly foresee positive or no negative impacts of Trump administration on the business climate.

These and other findings were revealed in Grant Thornton’s 2017 CFO Survey. In their responses, technology industry CFOs reported their company’s highest priorities for the coming year are strategic planning, performance management and building customer relationships.

In line with these company priorities, technology industry CFOs say:
  1. They have sufficient opportunities to shape company strategy.
  2. One of three greatest influences on IT priorities is increasing operational performance.
  3. Customer engagement is one of four focus areas for IT investment strategy.

Trump administration impact on business

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About the research
Grant Thornton’s 2017 CFO Survey looked at how more than 400 senior financial executives see the current state and the future of their business in the areas of risk, technology, investment and strategy. The survey also focused on identifying the challenges these executives face in adopting efficient solutions in these four areas. Of the survey respondents, 93% represent the middle market (companies up to $1 billion) and 92% are CFOs. Technology was represented by 12% of all respondents. The survey was conducted from Nov. 22, 2016, to Jan. 16, 2017.