Grant Thornton and Anomali collaborate on threat-intelligence solutions

CHICAGO, IL — Business leaders increasingly rely on security technology to detect cyberattacks, but often fail to use threat intelligence to gain full visibility to all sources of malicious activity. To overcome this, Grant Thornton LLP has entered an alliance agreement with Anomali, an industry-leading threat-intelligence management and collaboration provider.

Through this alliance, Grant Thornton can provide its clients a suite of threat-intelligence capabilities – providing earlier detection of attacks from adversaries, helping security teams better prepare for intrusions and share threat assessments with key partners.

In addition, Grant Thornton’s team of cyber-risk professionals will counsel organizations on solution design and engineering, program development and use-case integration when implementing Anomali solutions.

“Organizations struggle to protect their business interests from the vast breadth of cyber threats and are often overwhelmed by the significant volume of cyber-threat intelligence data,” said John Pearce, a Cyber Risk Advisory Services principal at Grant Thornton. “Our clients look to Grant Thornton to provide the most effective cybersecurity solutions – and Anomali gives organizations visibility into emerging threats at the earliest stages. This alliance will help companies overcome these challenges and get the most out of their cybersecurity solutions.”

The alliance also means Anomali can tap into Grant Thornton’s extensive experience in creating and activating full-scale cyber-defense solutions to mitigate threats such as data theft, fraud and brand delusion.

“Whether the goal is to steal data or money, countless individuals are searching for ways to breach security systems,” said Hugh Njemanze, CEO of Anomali. “By aligning with Grant Thornton, we are further enhancing our clients’ cybersecurity systems, improving communication and increasing the speed at which organizations are able to respond to attacks. We are thoroughly impressed with Grant Thornton’s extensive knowledge and know our clients will agree.”

Grant Thornton’s National Managing Principal of Risk Advisory Services, Vishal Chawla, sums up the alliance this way: “While it continues to become more difficult for organizations to identify, prepare for and avoid being a target, this alliance between Grant Thornton and Anomali ensures our clients can detect serious threats quickly and take a holistic approach to cyber risk to stay ahead of the curve.”

Visit our cyber risk page for more information about all of Grant Thornton’s cyber-risk offerings.

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