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Thought leadership from our State and Local Tax professionals June 7: Brian Howsare, Manager, SALT – Tampa office, authored an article for Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report, with contributions from fellow Tampa office colleagues Rob Clarke, a SALT Principal, and Adam Raschke, a SALT Senior Manager, titled “Insight: If you give a Mass. a cookie … it’ll ask you to collect sales tax.”

June 15: Jamie Yesnowitz, Principal, SALT -- National Tax Office Leader, is quoted in a Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report article titled “State tax group extends comment period on notice/reporting statute.” Jamie comments on the Multistate Tax Commission hearing addressing a proposed sales and use tax notice and reporting statute.

June 15: Jamie Yesnowitz, Principal, SALT -- National Tax Office Leader, is quoted in a State Tax Today article titled “MTC urged to scrap model law for reporting remote seller data.” Jamie comments on a controversial Multistate Tax Commission proposal on a new sales and use law for remote seller reporting.

June 24: Jamie Yesnowitz, Principal, SALT -- National Tax Office Leader, is quoted in a State Tax Today article titled “The role of state and local taxes in corporate migration decisions.” Jamie comments on how federal tax reform legislation lowering rates from 35% to 21% will focus business’ attention on state income tax rates.

June 25: Jamie Yesnowitz, Principal, SALT -- National Tax Office Leader, is quoted in an Associated Press article on the Wayfair decision’s impact on small businesses, appearing under various headlines in U.S. News and World Report, the Washington Post, the New York Times and ABC News. Jamie focuses on how difficulties small businesses may encounter using tax compliance software to address post-Wayfair tax obligations.

June 26: Jeremy Jester, Senior Manager, SALT – Metro D.C. office, is quoted in a State Tax Today article titled “Large online retailers push Congress on remote sales taxation.” Jeremy discussed what actions Congress might take in reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on the Wayfair case.

June 26: Jamie Yesnowitz, Principal, SALT -- National Tax Office Leader, authored an article for Accounting Today and its sister publication TaxPro Today titled “Technology and the emerging apportionment riddle.” Jamie’s article examines how the growth of technology actually complicates calculating how state apportionment legislation affects a company’s tax obligations.

June 27: Matthew Melinson, Partner, SALT – Philadelphia office, is quoted in a Bloomberg BNA Daily Tax Report article titled “High court’s online sales tax ‘blueprint’ gaining steam.” Matthew talked about the likely impact of the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. decision’s impact on Pennsylvania.

Tax professionals Meet Nisha Mathew, a SALT Senior Manager at Grant Thornton’s Seattle office

Nisha Mathew is a State and Local Tax (SALT) senior manager in Grant Thornton's Seattle office. Nisha joined Grant Thornton in July 2013, following a previous position as a senior associate in public accounting.

Nisha’s expertise covers a variety of state taxation fields, from performing nexus studies and analyzing reporting requirements, to preparing exposure analyses, penalty and interest calculations and advising on state tax ramifications of mergers and acquisitions. She has managed state tax compliance for Fortune 500 companies, provided consulting and planning services to manufacturing and financial services clients, and negotiated with various state tax authorities on behalf of her clients.

Nisha received a bachelor of science degree in accounting, and a master of science degree in accounting and taxation, from the University of Illinois College of Business, Urbana. Nisha became a certified public accountant in Illinois shortly after earning her master’s degree. Nisha has also contributed her talent to community service by volunteering as a tax assistant for Ladder Up in Chicago and helping low-income individuals prepare their tax returns.

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