SEC proposes rule on ‘claw back’ of executive compensation

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Contents FASB
     Highlights of June 29 Board meeting posted
          Pensions and other postretirement benefits – presentation and disclosure
     Board publishes second FAQs on NFP exposure draft
     Taxonomy implementation guides issued
Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
     SEC proposes rule on ‘claw back’ of executive compensation
SEC issues Concept Release on audit committee disclosures
AICPA publishes Audit and Accounting Guides
PCAOB issues Concept Release on use of audit quality indicators
     Four GASB standards issued
          Statement 76
          Statement 75
          Statement 74
          Statement 73
     Board proposes guidance on external investment pools and component units
          External investment pools
          Blending requirements for certain component units
CAQ releases highlights from May 2015 IPTF meeting

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