On the Horizon: IFRIC meeting March 2015

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Contents IASB issues March 2015 IFRIC meeting highlights Current agenda
     Scope and presentation in IFRS 5
     Date of transaction for purpose of identifying the applicable exchange rate for revenue recognition
     Recognition of deferred tax assets for unrealized losses
Tentative agenda decision
     Continuation of a minimum funding requirement for contributions relating to future service
Work in progress
     Control of a structured entity by an operating lessee or by a junior lender
Agenda decisions
     Classification of joint arrangements: assessment of “other facts and circumstances”
     Classification of joint arrangements: application of “other facts and circumstances”
     Consideration of two joint arrangements with similar features that are classified differently
     Accounting by joint operator for recognition of revenue
     Accounting by joint operator when its share of output purchased differs from its share of ownership interest in joint      operation
     Accounting by the joint operator in its separate financial statements
     Accounting by joint operation that is a separate vehicle in its financial statements
     Selection of applicable tax rate for measurement of deferred tax relating to investment in associate
     Measurement of longevity swaps held under a defined benefit pension plan

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