HMDA resource center: Resources, capabilities and experience to meet Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) reporting challenges head-on

HMDA reporting excellence Nationstar Mortgage, the nation’s fourth-largest servicer, holds itself to the highest of fair lending standards. But in the mortgage market, simply following the law isn’t enough. Lenders must prove their practices to the regulators and the world, through full, open and accurate transparency.

So when Nationstar needed help fulfilling its regulatory obligations — reviewing more than 500,000 loan records and manually scrubbing 15 million individual data points within loan applications — they sought support with the experience, technologies and horsepower to do the job right.

With experienced HMDA advisers and proprietary technology, Grant Thornton LLP is the industry’s go-to resource for lenders who need help ensuring the accuracy of their loan application register data.

Infographic: Grant Thornton’s HMDA audit methodology

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HMDA Plus is coming. Are you ready? For over 40 years, the HMDA has provided communities throughout the nation with insight and clarity into mortgage lending activity.

With HMDA Plus phasing in through January 2018, the scope and complexity of HMDA reporting is moving to an entirely new level. HMDA Plus changes include:

  • Expansions in institutional coverage
  • Applicability to more transaction types
  • Modified reporting requirements and more than double the number of data points
  • Revised reporting and release processes

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for HMDA Plus.

Download our paper,HMDA Plus is coming Leading lenders and servicers like Nationstar Mortgage turn to Grant Thornton to help them navigate HMDA’s complexity. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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