It’s freeing at Grant Thornton

Before joining Grant Thornton, my career had been about performing as others prescribed, focusing solely on tasks and client work. I felt restricted in exploring other areas that interested me or in bringing fresh ideas to the table. I had a really engaging interview with Grant Thornton, and I realized this was a different kind of company — one where change and creativity are encouraged. And it’s true. At Grant Thornton, I’ve found opportunities to grow and meet challenges in my own way, and the support to bring ideas, take risks and create my own career path.
I’m learning to lead

My teammates make me a better leader. Seeing how colleagues manage client expectations, project milestones and internal teams has had a profound impact on me. Now that I’m learning to coach others and manage teams, I use a similar approach. I make time to hear input from everyone, especially newer and quieter teammates. I believe creative thinking, and seeking opinions and perspectives set us apart from other firms.

“Doing things differently is a challenge that takes valuing everyone’s ideas, including your own.”

--   Katrina Wang
Senior Associate, Strategy and Transformation

I’m free to be resourceful

I’m empowered to think in creative ways. For an initiative I led, I needed to coordinate integration of two software systems. When I discovered there was no out-of-the-box integration, I tapped into the firm’s resources including my colleagues. I created a workaround, folding the two systems into a third and automating the entire process. The solution worked seamlessly, boosting my confidence for future challenges.

I can be myself

At other points in my life, I felt I had to play a role to be like everyone else. I hid whatever made me different, such as being a Chinese American immigrant. Here, I can be authentic in my work and relationships. It’s what led me to take a leadership role with the firm’s Pan-Asian business resource group and to help implement a firm initiative to address discrimination. Now I embrace all parts of my identity.

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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.
Icons bagpack purple
I’m big into...
All kinds of outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. I also like painting and reading (especially books by female authors), traveling, and exploring new restaurants and coffee shops.
Icons green thumb purple
During COVID-19 I’ve developed...
A green thumb. My Swiss cheese plants astonish me with how fast they grow. I also developed my own pho recipe. I’m very proud of my homemade pho, which everyone says it is way better than at restaurants.
Icons cat purple
I take great care of...
My elderly cat, Ben. He’s 14, but I only adopted him a couple of months ago — and already love him deeply.
Icons language purple
One thing that will surprise my colleagues…...
Is that after my family moved to the United States when I was 12, I learned to speak English through the Disney Channel — specifically, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.”
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