Landi Morris' story

Landi MorrisMy relationship with Grant Thornton LLP started because I participated in a firm sponsored program supporting Ghana at Bentley University. Through that I met a recruiter and Boston Tax Services partner Andrew Wilson. They made it clear that they wanted GT’s involvement with Bentley to be different and truly add value to the University. This contributed to my belief that Grant Thornton would be a place I could quickly grow my whole self and shape my career. The firm was also appealing based on the size of the clients – I thought I’d be learning about a diverse group of industries and clients, and I have definitely found that to be true.

When I started, I immediately asked if I could work with the Not-for-Profit group in the Boston office. I was told that if there was a business need, then I was more than welcome to do so. I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a Not-for-Profit Director in the Tax practice, who gave me many client-facing opportunities. As a first year associate I was communicating directly with and meeting clients, and it felt like a really unique experience. I was lucky in that I happened to join the NFP group at a time when they needed support, and as a result got opportunities that I may not have found elsewhere. I also believe that I was able to get more one-on-one time with managers, directors, and clients than I would have at another firm.

Grant Thornton has allowed me to work on a variety of clients in different industries. Our Tax practice leader in the Boston office encourages us to get experience in multiple areas so we can be well-rounded tax professionals. That’s a perspective that I value. I didn’t want to be in a larger firm, working on one client year-round, or in a smaller firm where the clients may not be complex enough to learn from. Grant Thornton provides a good balance, and we get complex clients with interesting issues that we get to help solve – but we’re not focused on the same issue every day.

The sales process is another area that I’ve been able to learn about to expand my knowledge of Grant Thornton’s business. Even as an associate, I was able to see a side of the firm that you don’t usually see when you’re sitting at your desk working on tax returns.

We do two trainings a year where we bring together all the women in the New England cluster. The trainings are really powerful – at the end of each session we go around the room and share our most influential take-away from the day. It’s great to hear the responses in an open environment, and it helps to hear how people deal with their challenges, which are often the very same challenges I am facing. There are some strong women in the group who serve as wonderful role models, and I know I can turn to them if I need help.

Since I started working at Grant Thornton I’ve had a constant stream of opportunities that keep me interested and engaged and where I can bring my whole self. I’m continuously being challenged and presented with new opportunities, and that makes this an exciting place to work.