Resume ready? Let's go.


You have your resume ready to go. So what’s next?

We're coming to your campus

We begin by gathering resumes from a variety of sources including career fairs, campus events, university career centers and referrals. Contact your university career center to learn more. Your resume and qualifications will then be reviewed by our recruiting team. If there’s a match between your skills and one of our teams, we’ll contact you to kick off the hiring process. It looks like this:
Chat bubble

On-campus interviews

We’ll set up a 30- to 45-minute interview (ideally face to face in your career center; in some cases via telephone). We’ll get to know you, understand your objectives and evaluate your qualifications. You'll have the opportunity to share details about your experiences. You'll be asked a variety of questions (including questions about your educational background as well as personal, community and work-related information) as they would relate to your performance in your position at Grant Thornton.


Office visit

The next step is a visit to our office for a chance to meet team members across the firm. You’ll hear about what it’s really like to work at Grant Thornton, and the team will have a chance to learn more about you through one-on-one interviews with members of the group in which you are interested.

Dollar sign

Offer stage

At the end of your office visit, we'll collect feedback and determine if we're ready to extend an offer. Should the partner on the prospective team feel you'd be a great fit for Grant Thornton, you'll be made a formal offer of employment.


Joining Grant Thornton

Once you accept our offer, a member of our recruiting team will walk you through the onboarding process, which includes an extensive background check. Your recruiter will be there every step of the way to discuss your start date and any other questions you may have.

ID badge

You're in: Inside your first year with Grant Thornton

From day one, we'll ensure that you have the tools for a successful and meaningful career at Grant Thornton. We'll begin by enrolling you in an orientation at your local Grant Thornton office, where you'll receive everything you need to become a part of our firm and begin your journey toward growth.