Diverse experience

Diverse experienceAt Grant Thornton, we deliver a diverse work experience, including the ability to work with a wide variety of clients across many industries with a broad scope of responsibilities. The nature of our dynamic client base will provide a different experience than you would get working at a larger or smaller firm.

Our diverse work experience also offers opportunities for professional mobility. We advance our professionals and help them accomplish their career goals by providing occasions for growth and skill expansion — at their home offices, at other U.S. offices and abroad. At the heart of the concept of mobility is the idea of expanding your professional horizons with secondments, transfers and technical rotations. Secondment opportunities for U.S. personnel are continually available at member firms around the world. Transfers are typically moves within the U.S. firm that meet a targeted office need and can help professionals realize their career goals. Technical rotations are offered both inside and outside the firm, and are another way to deepen and expand your knowledge. Building and promoting from within is a priority for the firm and, by encouraging mobility, we build a strong leadership pipeline.

You will also find plenty of opportunities to support the communities in which you work through board participation, charitable activities and community service days. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility and agility to meet your personal and professional needs. We encourage work-life balance, and offer a solid network for expansion within the industry and community.

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