Professional mobility doesn’t stop at your desk, your building, or even your country

As your career progresses, professional mobility can play a major role in your advancement. We develop our professionals and help them accomplish their career goals by providing opportunities for growth and skill expansion — at their home offices, other U.S. offices and abroad through programs such as:
  • International secondments with Grant Thornton International Ltd member firms, which can range from a few months to several years in duration
  • Internal technical rotations 
  • External technical rotations with organizations such as the SEC or the AICPA
  • Transfers to other Grant Thornton U.S. offices that can provide increased responsibility and accelerated advancement

"Our robust mobility mentality aligns with the culture and values of the firm by helping our professionals seek out opportunities that can help them achieve their goals. The most beneficial opportunities are the ones that take into account the firm’s needs, clients’ needs, personal needs and career goals. Encouraging mobility among our professionals is a win-win for our people and for Grant Thornton because it helps us build our capacity from within — which is a top priority for our firm."

J. Michael McGuire, CEO

Jason Ramey
"An international secondment is hugely rewarding. It helps you to develop your understanding of the international environment, understand different ways of operating and embrace different ways of working. In a connected world, these are all skills that are helpful to progressing in your career."

Jason Ramey, National Managing Partner, International Client Services

Janet Malzone

"My role in London was instrumental to my career path. Having the opportunity to work overseas provided me with a new perspective when working with international clients.”

Janet Malzone, Practice Leader, Audit Services

Joseph Loretto
"I believe my secondment played a large part on my path to the partnership. The firm is growing with a global mindset, and having international experience helped me be more aligned with its global strategy."

Joseph Loretto, Partner, Audit Services

Rebecca Merriman
"My assignment has been an eye-opening experience. During my two years abroad, I have met and worked with over 30 engagement teams in 20 offices in 10 countries, and have personally traveled to 35 cities in 17 countries."

Rebecca Merriman, Senior Manager, Audit Services

Jeremy Huval
"I was able to do a six-month secondment in London, and it gave me a new perspective on my place in the larger firm and even a new perspective on living in Dallas, which has a lot more sunshine than London!"

Jeremy Huval, Manager, Business Advisory Services

As the firm continues to grow and expand its reach, so do your opportunities for professional growth and expansion. New opportunities for mobility appear on a regular basis.