Building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive firm

We’re making strides together to be transformative

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Umbrellas, Borough Market Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) report illustrates our commitment to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive firm for all those we serve — to be both transparent and transformative.

At Grant Thornton, we have intensified our actions to improve DE&I. We know, for example, that human diversity is a strategic and competitive business imperative — that greater diversity leads to superior business outcomes.

We also know that, in a society that grows more diverse, DE&I is a sustainability imperative and that transparency is critical to the changes we are seeking.

I see the progress we’re making toward becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. I know we have more work to do — and we’re determined to succeed. I’m confident we’ll carry the light of our shared experience forward and build a better future together. Brad Preber

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