Detect and respond to data threats with Exabeam

How we work with Exabeam

Exabeam Grant Thornton plans, deploys, integrates and supports Exabeam solutions with cybersecurity expertise and cost-efficient management.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and Exabeam work together to help clients assess and implement cybersecurity and event management:

Exabeam provides
  • Cloud-based analytics to expand protection beyond traditional security information and event management (SIEM) use cases
  • Behavioral analysis to detect attacker tactics and techniques directly, beyond the limitations of threat intelligence libraries
  • Integration with existing point products to correlate, analyze and investigate incidents without vendor lock-in
  • Automation to prioritize alerts, accelerate investigations and orchestrate responses across applications, improving productivity and response time

Grant Thornton provides Exabeam partner of the year
  • Deployment, integration and implementation services with Exabeam-certified engineers who are dedicated to delivering Exabeam implementations
  • Managed services for engineering and support as the first Exabeam accredited services partner, named the 2020 “Exabeam Services Partner of the Year”
  • Managed cybersecurity analytics to provide continuous proactive assessment, detection and response using your Exabeam solution
  • Our Exabeam solution management service (SMS) that helps clients cost-effectively maintain and maximize Exabeam after deployment
  • Proprietary risk models and workflows built for Exabeam to support cybersecurity programs and based on experience from more than 60 engagements
  • Exabeam SaaS products for implementation and managed services clients when needed

Together, Grant Thornton and Exabeam help you assess, design, implement and manage cloud-based cybersecurity with proactive behavioral analysis, alerts that extend protection and automation to resolve threats faster. It’s just one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our customers.


John Pearce
Principal, Cyber Risk Advisory Services
T +1 703 637 4071

Don Sheehan
Director, Cyber Defense Services
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