A better approach to global compliance

An integrated solution to a world of risk

Man pointing at computer screen and woman typingInternational growth brings another kind of growth—for every new jurisdiction, you face new compliance and reporting challenges. Late or inaccurate compliance can mean substantial fines, legal issues, and can even interfere with your ability to continue operations in key markets. But how to track and comply with a constantly expanding set of diverse risks? Managing your global compliance demands through an ad hoc approach is not the answer.

Grant Thornton’s Global Compliance and Reporting Solution (GCRS) is.

GCRS offers a single point of contact for your global compliance needs with the local resources it takes to understand and execute your reporting. Through innovative tools and efficient global data management, Grant Thornton provides:
  • Accurate, real-time visibility of your global compliance picture through a single point of contact with access to a tightly connected international network
  • A flat, easy-to-work-with organizational model with high-level executive involvement
  • Unique, fully customizable technology that you can tailor to your footprint and your needs
  • Effective transition from your existing situation to our seamless solution

Powerful, collaborative technology Our GCRS solution is built on state-of-the-art technology powered by Thomson Reuters’ WorkFlow Manager. Watch how Grant Thornton Collaborate gives your staff transparent visibility to support, monitor and manage your full range of compliance activities at any time, anywhere in the world.

Grant Thornton Collaborate offers customized, secure access tailored to the needs and security concerns of each user, ranging from read only to full access. It includes:
  • Entity unit browser
  • Workflow control
  • File room
  • Data Flow
  • Calendar

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