Drive transformation with Tech Mahindra

How we work with Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra Grant Thornton provides trusted advisory and consulting services with experience in implementing the innovation capabilities of Tech Mahindra’s solutions.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and Tech Mahindra work together to help companies drive transformational change in their operations:

Tech Mahindra provides
  • Comprehensive suite of technology and services transformation solutions
  • Leading edge technology solutions covering supply chain, M&A, finance, cybersecurity and enterprise risk management
  • Cloud, infrastructure, application, testing, analytics, security and other services that integrate 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other next-generation technologies

Grant Thornton provides
  • Practical insights on how to best envision strategic solutions and implement systems that successfully drive business change
  • Experienced advice on how to manage ongoing business profitability while realizing transformation value over time
  • An integrated consulting and support model across the lifecycle of solution implementation, to avoid the common pitfalls and disconnects of siloed vendors and system implementors

Together, Grant Thornton and Tech Mahindra help you target real business problems and drive sustainable business change with solutions that span your organization’s business processes and experiences. It’s one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our clients.


David Hazels David Hazels
Managing Partner, Advisory
T +1 816 412 2454

Subodh Raj Subodh Raj
Principal, Advisory
T +1 415 354 4750