Purple Curve: A proven strategy for M&A success

Global businessA lack of thorough due diligence and problems in the integration process can frustrate expectations for many M&A deals. In fact, two-thirds of deals fail to create shareholder value. Buyers overpay, acquirers overestimate cost savings and synergies, a slow start leads to lost momentum, and knee-jerk cost-cutting results when initial deal value isn’t realized.

Grant Thornton’s holistic “purple curve” approach to M&A is designed to avoid the pitfalls while maximizing sustainable deal value. The methodology aligns with a client’s overall growth strategy and ensures the strategy is enterprise-wide, from the due diligence phase to post-close earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization (EBIDTA). The method tracks EBIDTA throughout the transaction life cycle and helps enable acquirers to capture true potential while focusing on greater returns.

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