Case in point: Corporate Intelligence

Building with columnsClient situation: Grant Thornton’s Corporate Intelligence team was engaged by a European government municipality to validate representations of applicants bidding on a public-private partnership. The examination required background checking the integrity of respondents, industry interviews, and the identification of beneficial ownership of each bidder.

mobius purple iconResponse: Partnering with our local offices in Middle the East and North Africa (MENA), Russia and China, our team determined that the respondents who had ties to East Asia regions were not only backed state-owned enterprises, but also had direct familial relationships with former government officials. Our fact-finding campaign was supported by local knowledge of the undisclosed relationships.

clipboard check purple iconOutcome: During the first 24 hours of our vetting and validation procedures, our team identified that half the respondents failed to disclose material relationships and exaggerated expert knowledge to support a public-private partnership. Our client reduced the applicant pool focusing on credible business relationships and reducing exposure to risk and reputational damage.

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