Tech takes leadership role in crisis

The sector was ready and looks to the future

Businesswomen working with her office laptop The technology sector has played a leadership role in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, helping economies, society and government on a global level. The initial uncertainty around market demand gave way to an industry that’s fared well, as myriad customer segments turned to online services in a way never seen before. Investment in technologies in a new work world has been tremendous.

At the same time, perhaps no other industry has been better able to flex in challenging times, as the watch word for tech companies have long been “constant change.” Under that mantra, the industry has been able to build business models and maintain architectures to address fluctuating customer demands even as umatched as those happening now.

So what’s next for the economy and technology under a new administration? How will regulation play out? Our Chief Economist Diane Swonk and National Managing Principal of Technology Steve Perkins discuss the effects of the pandemic and the way forward with our National Managing Principal of Industry Lisa Walkush.


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