Inforum 2018

Grant Thornton was a Platinum Sponsor of Inforum 2018, exhibited and presented to attendees during this year’s event.

Conference sessions:Tuesday, September 25

Digital transformation in Public Sector 

LaVerne Council, Grant Thornton, Teresa Carlson, Amazon Web Services and Kevin Curry, Infor

Digital Transformation is more than just moving to the cloud, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs. It’s about truly transforming government service. Hear from AWS’s Teresa Carlson and Grant Thornton’s LaVerne Council on how agencies can progress beyond basic back office migrations to move mission-critical program apps to the cloud and leverage AI to drive innovation – enabling them to shift from reactive to proactive mode so they can serve their constituents more effectively and quickly and unlock the power of human potential.
Driving value through improved asset management

Ken Deakyne and Toby Reno, Grant Thornton

With appropriate planning, physical asset management processes can drive both cost savings and revenue generation opportunities. Get insights on key asset management topics like RMCO, classification, work prioritization and backlog, warranty and repair, data governance, and assessment. You’ll learn strategies for optimizing asset performance by improving availability, reliability, maintainability, and sustainability, all while positively impacting the bottom line.

Case study: Concordia Plan Services' journey to the cloud

Bill Hofrichter, Concordia Plan Services
David Reitzel, Grant Thornton

During this session Concordia Plan Services will discuss the approach, implications on processes and data structures, support organizations ,and the relationship with Infor as it migrated to the cloud. Concordia will also share lessons learned and provide insight that will allow other healthcare organizations with limited resources to make the journey to the cloud.

IoT and the explosion of devices—What it means for your supply chain

Les McHargue, Grant Thornton, Doug Bellin, AWS and Jerome Holbus, Infor

Everything from appliances to light switches to trucks are now internet enabled. This new data can be useful in the supply chain, however not in a vacuum. Location of a truck is valuable only if it has context about the contents inside the trailer. Learn about the Infor solution and see how IoT data fits within an overall visibility strategy.

Wednesday, September 26

Optimized healthcare workforce

David Howard, Grant Thornton

This session will discuss the dynamic evolution of ambulatory workforce optimization. We will share new insights on emerging ambulatory solutions and explore methods for using intraday data and predictive analytics to optimize throughput for cost and patient experience. You'll hear about the new healthcare paradigm and learn the key ingredients for ambulatory workforce optimization.

Game-changing innovation

Lester McHargue and Bryan Shaw, Grant Thornton

12:30 – 12:50 pm, The Hub - Theatre 4

Thinking differently can revolutionize your game—and help your business thrive—but, without a strategy to turn ideas into action, you become stuck in the status quo, where progress dies and companies fail. We’ll discuss how to approach ideation in your organization—from cultivating innovation to bringing ideas to fruition—so your organization can stay at the top of its game.

Value-based care and the changing landscape of healthcare payments

Christopher Baratta and David Reitzel, Grant Thornton

What does value really mean for providers as the traditional provider and payer payment model changes? In this new world of financial, technological, and customer satisfaction implications, we'll explore what providing value looks like today.

What the heck do I do with all this asset data

Lester McHargue and Bryan Shaw, Grant Thornton

In a highly connected and integrated digital world, the amount of data and information available to the end user can be overwhelming. See how we help clients with their overall data management process for better decision-making. This topic touches on all aspects of the data lifecycle, including information accumulation, storage, and generation of insights through analytical methods and consumption. We’ll look at the current technology and processes used to process data and explore what’s ahead.