Collaborate 2018

COLLABORATE is the annual event for current and prospective Oracle customers looking to drive efficiency and boost business results through technology. Education at COLLABORATE spans the full spectrum of Oracle Applications and Technology and is led by experienced practitioners and successful Oracle users.

Access our valuable education content below: *CPE credit offered Regain control of pricing in JD Edwards

Dwight Moore, Grant Thornton

In this session we will discuss strategies to maintain or regain control of your pricing. We will review common mistakes in pricing setup, share relatable examples of how a pricing model should facilitate growth and discuss strategies for regaining control and maximizing pricing for profit and easy maintenance. Although we will specifically discuss pricing strategies using JD Edwards Advanced Pricing, many of the principles apply to any pricing tool. Join us as we provide tips that you can use to take control of your pricing today.

HCM Cloud: The good, the bad and the ugly

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton

We've examined multiple projects and derived a series of lessons learned over several HCM Cloud and Taleo implementations that help avoid the pain points and pitfalls that can occur during implementations. Recognizing these potential challenges in advance will lead to a smoother project. In this session, we will review multiple business cases for HCM Cloud and Taleo installs or upgrades, and the risk mitigation plans the team undertook to address pre-implementation assessment concerns. We will focus on:
  1. Strategic objectives and project management tools
  2. Team structures and time management
  3. Stakeholder participation
  4. Basic infrastructure and software licensing
  5. Adequate skillsets
  6. Data mapping/transformation/conversions
  7. Business process re-engineering

*At your service: Cloud integration made easy

Chris Thom, Grant Thornton

A move to the Cloud doesn’t have to be painful and overwhelming. Utilizing modern tools such as Oracle Integration Cloud Service can help streamline the process. In this session you will learn how Grant Thornton and Park Hotels developed an integration strategy that utilized ICS to achieve that goal in less than 5 months.

Planning for your Oracle HCM Cloud implementation

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton

This session explores how to incorporate key lessons learned from actual implementations of Oracle HCM Cloud into upfront project planning to maximize your project's success, avoid delays and achieve maximum value from your investment.

*Have your cake and eat it too: Analytics with Oracle Analytics Cloud

Mike Wessel, Grant Thornton

After completing a successful financial implementation, no one is having serious conversations about an operational reporting system. How are you supposed to effectively manage the bottom line whithout knowing which items are selling, and which aren’t? Maintaining cruicial information in spreadsheets…there must be a better way. Fortunately, your finance team purchased Oracle Ananlytics Cloud. Its functionality offers adaptability and rapid enablement, allowing you to analyze your information in minutes.

*Caesars Entertainment bets big on ERP Cloud Financials Allocations

Brad Kwiatek, Grant Thornton
Leah Ruddy, Caesars Entertainment

Oracle EBS’ Mass Allocations and PeopleSoft’s Allocation Process has been replaced by Calculation (Calc) Manager in Oracle ERP Cloud Financials to create allocations. Calc Manager provides tools within the EPM environment to build complicated rules to distribute revenues and costs and to record formulaic recurring adjustments. As opposed to Mass Allocations in EBS, Calc Manager can leverage references to pre-aggregated multidimensional balances to maximize efficiency in executing complex calculations. During this session, we will discuss and demonstrate how Caesars Entertainment leveraged Calc Manager to create allocations and recurring journals. Learn how Caesars maximized efficiency using Calc Manager to improve the allocations and tax / management fee recurring journal process.

*Reporting 360: Realize the power of reporting capabilities in Oracle ERP Cloud

Prasanna Ramakrishnan, Grant Thornton

In this session we will review the tools and architecture for reporting in Oracle Financials Cloud ERP including Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, Published Reporting and Financial Reporting in Cloud ERP and the GL Balances Cube. Obtain tips and considerations for creating dynamic reports in FR Studio, OTBI and BI Publisher. Get insight into effective reporting hierarchy governance and maintenance, managing ERP reporting security and developing optimal report distribution schemes using the reporting tools in Cloud ERP. We'll cap off the session with a few examples of considerations around typical reporting use cases.

Driving user adoption during your cloud implementation

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton

Effective end-user adoption is a primary determinant of the success of HCM Cloud implementations. Managing change throughout the project lifecycle is critical to achieve desired outcomes. In this session, we will discuss change assurance activities in each phase of the project to improve user experience.

Fixing the odds of performance at Caesars

Daniel Valencia, Grant Thornton
Samuel Hauskens, Caesars Entertainment

Learn how worldwide gaming company, Caesars Entertainment was able to ensure a 30/60/10 performance rating distribution of low, medium, and high at the organization level, with Oracle Cloud. The session will discuss how with an OTBI report showing real-time graphs of proposed rating distributions at the enterprise level, Caesars is able reach out to departments that need to make adjustments in a fraction of the time. With configuration and customization, they can decide when to turn on the ability for managers to submit their final ratings. Custom security will ensure the appropriate human resource access, so both organization leaders and company leaders can monitor the data necessary to their respective groups. In the cloud, Caesars can now complete their performance process and have manager-employee performance discussions in half the time.

*TRCS meets EPRCS: Address the new country by country reporting requirements in the cloud

Julien Coudrette, Grant Thornton

Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) is a new mandatory disclosure for all multinational groups with revenues over $850m. Oracle Tax Reporting Cloud (TRCS) provides the input and reporting templates and the data integration tools for an efficient implementation. Coupled with EPRCS, you can use it to e-file using the standard OECD XML format. This session will describe the requirement and demonstrate how TRCS and EPRCS can be used to address it.

Winning in the cloud – ERP and HCM at Caesars Entertainment

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton
Bill Behen, Grant Thornton
Chris Thom, Grant Thornton
Alex Gilmour, Caesars
Michael Mann, Caesars

Caesars Entertainment, a worldwide brand in gaming and hospitality, has undertaken a strategic transformation across the organization to modernize its enterprise support functions. Attend this panel discussion to learn more about Caesars decision to change, how the organization operates, why they chose to move to the Cloud, how they selected Oracle Cloud and the latest on the ERP and HCM transformation.

*Flying above the clouds with Oracle Analytic Cloud

Peter Beddoe, Grant Thornton

Has your company already started moving to the cloud, but you rely on Essbase and haven't been able to move it yet? Oracle Analytic Cloud (OAC), more than just Essbase in the cloud, is the answer you have been looking for. Take a journey with Grant Thornton as we highlight some of the key functionality, tips and tricks with OAC. Through a series of short demonstrations, we will show you some of OAC's capabilities and features.

Is the cloud right for my business?

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton

Organizations are considering application and technology solutions to improve business operations more than ever before. Technology has changed and more enterprise solutions are available in the marketplace – including cloud-based, Software as a Service licensing. Come to this session to understand the drivers and benefits of cloud based solutions, identify if your organization is a fit for a cloud based ERP or HCM solution, review the capabilities and completeness of Oracle's cloud solutions, and contrast a cloud implementation to a traditional on-premise implementation.

Oracle Transportation Management and Oracle Cloud Payroll. Let’s keep trucking together

Bill Stratton, Grant Thornton

A transportation giant recently used Oracle Transportation Management to complete a proof of concept project that extracted driver event data and passed it to Oracle Cloud Payroll in order to pay their drivers and to process contract driver payments. To comply with reporting requirements, the standard payslip was modified to detail all of these events and the corresponding monies earned. Join this session to hear about this unique solution that uses the power of HCM Data Loader (HDL) and Fast Formulas.

*Caesars hits the jackpot with Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

Brad Kwiatek, Grant Thornton
Michael Mann, Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment needed an integrated analytics process to deliver executive level reporting, provide visibility and analysis and standardize processes to ensure consistency across the organization. This session will explore how Caesars leveraged Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud and the impact of the following key features:
  • Intuitive business-driven interface and administration
  • Eloquently combine data and narrative / commentary
  • Robust secure collaboration and workflow capabilities

*JD Edwards and the new global lease accounting standard: Deep dive into lessee accounting

Seth Chaikin, Grant Thornton
David Scott, Oracle

Virtually all companies that lease equipment, office space, and other assets will be affected by the new lease accounting standards. Attend this session to do a deep dive into the new capabilities in JD Edwards for lessees of both property and non-property that support ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance.

Winning! Custom integration between Taleo and Fusion HCM figured out – A case study

Chirag Hingrajia, Grant Thornton
Krishnan Ramesh, Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment, a world renowned brand in gaming and hospitality, chose to deploy both Oracle's Taleo recruitment application with Oracle HCM Cloud. In this session, learn how Grant Thornton helped Caesars seamlessly integrate the two with a large number of custom processes.

*FCCS rules 101: Essbase calculation concepts for HFM professionals

Julien Coudrette, Grant Thornton

Going to the cloud? You spent your career building your VB skills, mastering everything that starts with HS, and now need to adapt to the brave new world of Essbase. This session will introduce you to the key concepts of Essbase calculation logic that apply to FCCS and pave the road for your transition.

Betting big on Oracle Cloud at Caesars Entertainment

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton
Mike O’Brien, Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment, a worldwide brand in gaming and hospitality, has undertaken a strategic transformation across the organization to modernize its back office HR function. Attend this session to learn more about Caesars' decision to change the how the organization operates, why they chose to move to the cloud, how they selected Oracle Cloud and the latest on the HCM transformation.

*Using HRMS Configuration Workbench to promote configurations

Carol Trudeau, Grant Thornton

Promoting / migrating configuration from one instance to another during implementations can be a tedious, time intensive process fraught with error. Configurations can be changed due to typos or inadequate documentation causing downstream problems for multiple modules. Using HRMS Configuration Workbench can standardize the process making the migration of setups and data consistent and fast. Learn how to utilize this tool to move organizations, hierarchies, users, elements, fast formulas and so much more.

*Multi-pod global budgeting in the cloud at Lockton Companies Inc.

Jose Ruiz, Grant Thornton
Penny Spence, Lockton Companies

Lockton Companies selected EPBCS to streamline their budget process and eliminate Excel. This global implementation included Revenue by client, Workforce Planning by employee, Operating Expenses, Currency Conversion, Global Consolidation and Variance Reporting. This session will explore the two pod approach Grant Thornton used to provide Lockton maximum flexibility, support different levels of detail and consolidate the Lockton global budget.

Integrating JD Edwards with HCM Cloud solutions

Craig Davied, Grant Thornton

JD Edwards has always been known as the #1 ERP of choice for Engineering and Construction customers, due to its overall natural integration across all modules in order to provide key information in a real-time format. However, JDE’s Human Capital suite of modules has always left customers longing for better capabilities and end user experiences. Many JDE Construction companies were unable to move off of their HCM modules to more modern cloud based solutions due to fear of compromising their ability to provide real time HCM information to their construction project teams. Well, now the best of both worlds is possible, if you know how to correctly integrate with JDE. Join us as we discuss the various areas of HCM cloud solutions and how they can be integrated with JDE. As well, we will discuss key guiding principles to keep you on the road to success. If you are already a JDE HCM user or if you are in the Engineering/Construction industry, this is one session that you won’t want to miss!

The last Jedi: Renewable Energy Group (REG) harnesses the force with JDE Orchestrator

Greg Davis, Grant Thornton
Seth Chaikin, Grant Thornton
AJ Schifano, Oracle

There’s a wealth of data at our fingertips, but to make it valuable, it needs to be married with other relevant data and managed appropriately. This session will demonstrate how Renewable Energy Group is using the JDE Orchestrator to pull data from their manufacturing control systems into JDE to drive condition-based alerts and allow them to take action on potential issues before key equipment failures. By tying this data into transactional data in JDE, REG is able to better manage their equipment, reduce downtime and optimize plant operations. Attend this session to learn more about the Orchestrator and the actionable intelligence it provides.

*Cloud ERP supplier and item conversions made easy for all P2P

Mike Kolkay, Grant Thornton

Supplier and item conversions in Cloud ERP can be tedious and complicated. Converting suppliers and items while keeping them synchronized, with relationships intact...impossible, right? Think again! Supplier and item conversions are a significant key to ensuring a successful implementation, but it’s not easy keeping these data sets in sync while maintaining the needed ties between the FBDI templates. Join me in discussing the intricacies to ensure your supplier and item conversions go off without a hitch.

Truckloads of compensation at Great Dane

Daniel Valencia, Grant Thornton
Tom Sieniawski, Great Dane

This session will discuss transportation solutions leader, Great Dane's decision to move its focal compensation process to Oracle Cloud and the benefits it realized. Managers are now able to choose compensation type when doing annual planning. Whether it be merit, promotion, or a lump sum, managers can easily navigate through their worksheets and analyze their allocations with compensation reports. Oracle Cloud has enabled the compensation managers to make cost of living adjustments in mass using the modeling feature. Role-based security allows for the appropriate read/write ability for line and compensation managers, and with the improved compensation process, there is no longer a need for dozens of excel spreadsheets, as everything is tightly secured in one massive application in the Cloud.

Cloud HCM is better than ice cream! A case study on the Wells Blue Bunny cloud deployment

Deron Stoecklein, Grant Thornton
Jasen Heaton, Wells Enterprises

Wells Enterprises, founded in 1913, is the world's largest family-owned and managed ice cream producer. With about 2,700 employees (most of them based in Le Mars, Iowa), Wells Enterprises produces more than 150 million gallons of ice cream per year under the Blue Bunny® label, as well as the iconic Bomb Pop® frozen treats. Yet managing the HR and payroll for those employees was a cumbersome, labor-intensive, highly manual process that relied on obsolete technologies. As Wells planned for continued growth and expansion, the company was eager to bring its HR processes into a streamlined, next-generation technology platform that would enable significant self-reporting and seamless updates.