Health IT: Trust first, then transformative growth

Health care ITMajor regulatory changes are shaping a dramatic new health care landscape underpinned by heightened lawmaker and public expectations. Organizations that cannot demonstrate their commitment to these re-calibrated expectations are in danger of falling behind. As health care leaders evaluate the options for meeting new needs and moving ahead profitably, information technology has the real potential to drive success.

In this report, our Technology Industry practice teamed up with TechAmerica, a technology industry advocate group, to examine the pivotal role of health care IT companies in building trust and integrity across the larger health care industry — from developing tools to combat data breaches to seamlessly integrating patient records across providers. Health care IT also has the potential to support leadership decision-making in a way that can drive organizational success.

Ultimately, our goal is to illuminate significant issues and provide action-oriented solutions that can help you evaluate and choose steps to navigate this new landscape.

Browse the individual articles or download the full report (PDF).

Taking the lead on health care data integrity

Health care IT providers may hold the key for keeping up with the greatly expanded expectations of legislators, regulators and the public.

No second opinion needed: Trust is key to realizing health care IT benefits

The entire U.S. health care ecosystem is roiled by accelerating waves of change, led by the rising tide of consolidation.

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