Tax reform: A catalyst for business growth

Tax function can partner in driving expansion

Tax reform legislation should be used as a catalyst for business transformation — and the tax function should be a key driver. As strategic partners, tax professionals help define core capabilities and services, spur innovation, and leverage automation and digitization. They contribute to strategies to maximize growth and avoid disruption. 

Inform your decision-making. Watch the video for a conversation about how tax reform is stimulating new ways to conduct business. Innovative culture development, resource planning and training, cyber-risk management, technology and automation implementations — these and other significant investments can position your company to do well over the next 10 years to 15 years.

Smaller investments can also be business propellants. Placing “bets,” e.g., changes in supply chain and fixed asset classifications, can yield breakthrough capabilities to move your business forward. 

Decisions made and taxes paid today and tomorrow have ramifications for business expansion. Watch to learn more about driving strategies for short- and long-term growth.


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