Tax function innovation prompted by tax reform

Why innovating is critical today and tomorrow

More voluminous and complex laws and regulations, continuous domestic and global business change, and significant tax reform impacts have coincided to transform the role of the tax professional to one of strategic advisor to the C-suite. The transformation, in turn, has made tax function innovation a critical need.

To help guide their company forward, tax professionals must be visionaries. They’ll be leaders in business strategy, using technology in new ways for analytics, automation, visualizations and “what-if” scenarios. Just as importantly, they’ll develop appropriate skill sets and processes.

The objective is an accurate, effective focus on the right areas. One key area is planning/compliance. Where previously the tax function was dedicated to 20% planning and 80% compliance, the value and opportunity are now in 80% planning and 20% compliance. Innovative thinking and action make this paradigm shift a reality.

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