Sellers favored in M&A deals due to tax reform

Being M&A-ready in the new tax landscape

Sellers are getting the edge in M&A deals, with activity driven up by tax reform’s favorable tax rates and other changes. Companies planning to act on potential opportunities must be M&A-ready. They need to implement a platform strategy that leverages digitization and focuses on long-term value creation.

Both sides benefit from the reduced tax rate. Sellers have the additional advantage of positive effects on cash flow and liquidity. Their M&A readiness includes flexibility in keeping or shedding assets. To prepare for acquisition, a seller can develop or strengthen a platform strategy that provides competitive value. A plug-and-play capability enables digital expansion as needed.

Whether selling or buying, engineer your business for take-off or add-on. There will unquestionably be an uptick in corporate divestitures and spinoffs, as well as industry consolidation. Be ready to confirm, protect and create business value.

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Sunil Taneja
Senior Manager, M&A Tax Services
T: +1 312 602 8118