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floral designNo year passes without bringing changes to tax rules. Tax professionals need to stay informed, especially this year, with tax reform looming. Grant Thornton’s new Year-End Tax Guide 2017 for Privately Held Businesses is your source for planning tips, recent tax law changes, and the important tax issues facing privately held businesses.

The guide organizes your planning considerations into sections covering individual taxes applying to business owners, entity-level tax rules, credits and incentives, buying and selling a business, and benefit plans.

Tax reform could make year-end planning even more effective this year. The prospects for a significant rate cut creates arbitrage opportunities. This guide covers important ways businesses can accelerate deductions against today’s higher rates, while deferring income into future years when rates may be lower. Of course, tax planning goes beyond what may happen. You also have to account for what has happened.

The guide discusses the biggest tax law changes of the year. Many popular temporary tax provisions expired at the end of 2016 and have not yet been extended. New partnership audit rules that could affect many privately held businesses are scheduled to take effect next year. These changes are designed to allow the IRS to more easily collect and assess tax on partners after an audit adjustment.

All these topics and much more are inside Grant Thornton’s Year-End Tax Guide 2017 for privately held businesses. Get your guide now to be a pacesetter in ensuring your company’s financial success.

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Compensation and Benefits
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Tax Legislation and Updates
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