Secure elections systems through infrastructure

Woman casting her ballot at a polling station Take advantage of federal funds and nonprofit guidance to ensure an elections infrastructure to help secure your state, local, tribal or territorial government program.

The federal government is taking state and local elections security seriously. Via the Department of Homeland Security, states will receive over $300 million for electronic, information and physical safeguards. The physical front will elements of critical infrastructure – paper ballots, storage facilities and optical scanning devices. This will help officials in their effort to wield the infrastructure critical to secure systems across the entire elections continuum, including voter registration, election-night management, voter-capture devices, and tabulating and publishing results.

For further assistance, the Center for Internet Security developed the Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EI-ISAC), which is similar to the MS-ISAC. The EI-ISAC offers free elections-specific guidance in addressing threats, threat vectors, intelligence reporting and other challenges. State, local, tribal and territorial governments can access the guidance, as well as information about types of architecture and ballots, and the entire elections process continuum.

For more about best practices for your program, read Six ways to mitigate election security risks and watch “Critical Infrastructure: Securing Elections Systems.”


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