Modernize HR for government’s future workforce

Army uniform It’s cloud time for government agencies.

Currently, HR systems in federal government run the gamut. Some agencies have enterprise applications and can take advantage of the latest technologies and enterprise views of their HR. But many are still on legacy applications, which are generally inefficient and expensive to maintain. With the capabilities of the cloud and the availability of innovative technologies, agencies have it within their power to modernize.

It is essential to modernize for a number of factors, with recruitment and retention, and efficiency high among them. In the federal workforce, 25% are eligible to retire; 10% plan to do so in the next year and the rest in the next five years. With 4% current unemployment — and a war for talent in cybersecurity and other areas — government has work to do to attract top candidates. An additional consideration is that millennials change jobs four times in the first 10 years of their career; government employment must meet their modern expectations for them to accept and remain on the job. And all employees are deeply affected by the effectiveness of payroll and performance management systems.

Watch “Modernizing HR: Creating the Future Government Workforce” for more on HR system modernization.


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