Leverage your collective executive knowledge

Three women two men round table meeting Your agency can be transformed through C-suite collaboration, building a broader perspective for improved results.

Effectiveness is hobbled when functions are performed in silos, with each executive approaching challenges and tasks from a specialized point of view. Being intentional about bringing these decision-makers together results in greater efficiencies and higher performance.

An example is provided by Grant Thornton’s Public Sector Managing Principal Tony Scardino, from the time he was in an executive role at the Patent and Trademark Office. The numbering in a system was changing by one digit, Scardino said. This simple change turned out to be more complex than the originating function had planned. “It touched 40 different systems,” Scardino said. Before launch, the C-suite in its entirety was consulted. Since the cost was higher than expected, tradeoffs had to be made by executives throughout the organization.

In this case as in others, financial, IT, Legal and HR all look at the same issue differently. Scardino explained: “No one perspective was 100% spot-on. By getting the advice and thoughts of each of these executives, I got closer to 100% before I made a decision.”

Tap the broad span of know-how within Grant Thornton’s Former Government Executives Council to solve your agency’s challenges holistically and transform your organization.

Watch “CXO Transformation: Tapping the C-Suite for Enterprise Solutions” for more on making the most of your collective executive knowledge. Contacts:

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