Federal CFOs’ emerging priorities

CFOs should adopt 3 key priorities to transform financial management

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Grey marble column details on building Since the passing of the CFO Act of 1990, federal CFOs have had to provide more useful information to help policymakers make better informed financial decisions. The CFO Act essentially made federal CFOs the central authorities on all fiscal matters within the U.S. government’s largest agencies and departments. While there has been steady progress in improving the financial management function over the last 30 years, there is still a lot of work to be done to help CFOs realize their fullest potential.

With appropriate resources and authority, CFOs can accelerate financial management transformation to bring about massive breakthroughs in government performance. While they are entrusted with providing the right data, information and critical analysis to improve performance in each department, there are three key priorities that have emerged that will help them become financial leaders in a league of their own.

Curious to see which 3 emerging priorities federal CFOs can adopt immediately to take their financial management and stewardship of taxpayer dollars to the next level? Download Federal CFOs at 30 to learn more.


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