Risk value curve: Optimizing risk to generate value

On the Horizon newsletter Using a risk optimization mind-set, an organization can promote a risk-aware culture, expand the conversation to include not just risk mitigation but also value creation, and create a comprehensive view of risks to drive strategic decisions.

Taking risks to deliver value requires a risk-aware culture. Many risk management processes start with the identification, assessment and measurement of risk. Even before this occurs, an organization should have an understanding of their risk appetite, which is the amount of risk they are willing to accept in pursuit of business strategy.

When focusing risk management activities on risk optimization, organizations have the option to purposefully engage risk in a positive way to create value. A risk-value approach is useful for decision-making and will support leaders’ abilities to take smart risks that yield a positive value for the organization.

In this article, learn how the Risk-Value curve can help facilitate risk discussions and help decision makers know how much risk to mitigate or take.

For more insights on how to optimize risk, download the article, “The risk value curve: How to optimize risk and generate value for your organization,” originally published in the January 2019 issue of Public Risk Magazine.


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