The State of the Union of Open Data – Second Edition

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purple gray teal line full viewThe Data Transparency 2017 conference brought together data experts from government, nonprofit, and tech-industry sectors to express and reflect the current state of open data, predict opportunities for the future, and identify challenges standing in the way of those benefits. Grant Thornton LLP partnered with the Data Foundation to produce this second edition of the State of the Union of Open Data which provides details from the Data Transparency 2017 open data gathering, insights from interviews with more than 20 government and industry leaders, and offers a vision of the future.

The report focuses on government data, compliance data, and open data in the private sector. It discusses the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 (DATA Act), the benefits of open data, and the following themes:

  • Open data transformation is a marathon, not a sprint. Alternately, it is a relay race that requires continuity between administrations, cooperation across branches of government, and shared vision in the private sector.
  • Open data is a non-partisan imperative, with stewardship of the public’s vital information at its core and innovation for the private sector’s information as its logical conclusion.

The State of the Union of Open Data is strong. Read the full report to assess just how strong, and why.

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