Five ways to mitigate election security risks

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Suspicious terms of agreement The 2016 elections highlighted numerous vulnerabilities in our election systems designed to undermine voter integrity and public trust. State and local government election officials are required to move beyond simply ensuring voting is free, fair and accessible, but also ensure the cybersecurity of our election processes.

Grant Thornton has defined five key areas for state and local government officials to focus limited resources to minimize election systems risk. Learn where to start in these five key areas:

How can state and local election officials help ensure voter integrity in our election processes? Download our report to learn five ways they can minimize risk. 5 ways to mitigate election security risks
  1. Know what you’re working with (asset management)
  2. Know your dance partners (third party management)
  3. Know your adversaries (threat intelligence)
  4. Plan, practice, plan again…(incident response)
  5. Gain the big picture (cyber analytics)


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