Rolling the dice with that government card? Not so fast.

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According to the General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) SmartPay Program statistics, federal employees pay for nearly $30 billion of expenses annually with government charge cards, through nearly 100 million transactions on over three million cards. While these cards make it convenient to pay for items such as travel expenses, they are also vulnerable to misuse. Federal charge cards have been used to buy such items as jewelry, furs, alcohol, personal groceries, and even casino and adult entertainment by individual cardholders.

Is your agency prepared to address the issue of charge card abuse? Do you have the data analytics capabilities to help identify and prevent improper purchases? With new laws governing purchase cards on the horizon, now is the time to take a hard look at how you handle government charge cards and make adjustments if necessary.

Learn more about how to address the issue of charge card abuse.

This article originally appeared in the Summer edition of the Journal of Government Financial Management produced by the Association of Government Accountants (AGA).