The CAM-I performance management framework: A holistic approach to improving business performance

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Performance management is mentioned and discussed in almost all facets of business. The demand today for improved performance and increased accountability has triggered increased expectations in the management of performance. This has brought about diverse views as to what really constitutes performance management. On behalf of  Consortium for Advanced Management International (CAM-I) member companies, the Performance Management Interest Group (PMIG) addressed this issue in multiple phases of research by initially identifying key enablers of performance and developing an associated maturity assessment model. Not satisfied with simply identifying gaps in maturity, the PMIG expanded their research by recommending categories of improvement techniques that could be used to advance enabler maturity. At the same time, it was recognized that organizational readiness should be addressed prior to implementing any improvement initiative.

The CAM-I performance management framework (PMF) provides a holistic implementation framework that aims to evaluate and improve any organization's business performance using one consistent methodology, regardless of size or industry. The CAM-I PMF provides eight distinct implementation steps for improving performance. The steps enable organizations to identify the business areas that have the greatest need for improvement. Various assessment tools support each of the implementation steps, providing users with a deeper understanding of what drives performance.

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