Trade and tariffs: The impact on businesses

A renegotiated NAFTA agreement, changing US trade policies and new tariffs for China, Mexico, Canada and the European Union have all resulted in significant impacts on businesses. While the financial impact of the tariffs to the U.S. economy are still yet to be seen, the overall implications for targeted companies could be significant.

As Mary Moore Hamrick, Grant Thornton’s national managing principal, Public Policy, noted, “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates tariffs could impact as much as $350 billion worth of economic goods, and with retaliatory reactions to those tariffs, the impact on the economy could be tenfold”.

Watch our video below to learn compelling insights from Mary Moore Hamrick, national managing principal, Public Policy, on what’s at stake for businesses as the current Administration explores U.S. trade policy and how the issue might impact results of the midterm elections.

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