Control of Congress: Impact of midterm elections

What’s at stake for businesses?

On November 6, Americans are heading to the polls to decide which senators and representatives will fill the 470 seats in Congress up for grabs. Will Democrats retake the House of Representatives or will Republicans retain control? Whatever the outcome, the results of this year’s midterm elections will certainly influence fiscal, regulatory and policy issues important to businesses.

With voter enthusiasm high, a number of key issues will likely influence the election outcome including health care, the economy and the current Administration’s policies on trade and tariffs.

As Mary Moore Hamrick, Grant Thornton’s national managing principal, Public Policy, noted, “Going into the midterms it remains to be seen whether American voters feel like they’re fat and happy as their pocketbooks have been enriched by the recent tax cut or they’re in the pork business and are not able to sell their bacon to Mexico. So the question is ‘Will the Republicans or the Democrats bring home the bacon when we come to the fall midterms?’”.

Watch our video below to learn compelling insights from Mary Moore Hamrick, national managing principal, Public Policy, on what’s at stake for businesses in the midterm elections and what issues are likely to influence the results.

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