Impact of voter turnout in U.S. elections

Impact of voter turnout in U.S. electionsHow Election Day turns out is all about voter turnout.

Scanning the numbers of probable votes by demographic helps in projecting outcomes for the elections, as does reviewing the impact of voting, by demographic, on recent elections.

The gender gap could be one for the record books:

  • Notably, women in general and minorities are pulling for Clinton, and white men are favoring Trump.
  • Women voters were key in the 2008 presidential election and the deciders in the 2012 election. Since 1980, they have turned out in increasingly larger numbers than men. And the minority electorate is growing quickly.
  • Trump is expected to bring more men to the polls for this election.

Younger voters could sway elections; millennial eligible voters are now equal in number to conservative-leaning baby boomers.

The voting strength of all groups will be determined by one factor — who votes.