Supply chain teams set cost reduction targets and metrics

PlanningTeams and individuals taking responsibility for targeting and reaching goals lay a proven route to an optimized supply chain process. Their efforts can deliver significant company cost and customer value benefits.

To delve into how this route can be taken by any manufacturer, Grant Thornton’s Manufacturing Practice Leader Jeff French interviewed an executive in a company where the strategy has been successfully followed. At global employee-recognition company O.C. Tanner, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain & Production Gary Peterson explained that teams set their own initiative targets, timelines and metrics, with individuals taking personal responsibility for achievement. Currently, the focus is on cost reduction. Team members are working through the 8 Wastes of Lean Six Sigma program to produce process improvement and value for the client.

For more about setting and achieving targets, listen to the interview, which took place during the National Association of Manufacturers 2017 conference in Houston.

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