Manufacturer boosts workforce numbers, supplier-customer collaboration

TrainingReaching out to potential employees in their youth can build momentum to future recruitment activities. This strategy is key to hiring a new generation of workers for an increasingly technological industry.

For a real-world description of how this can be accomplished, Grant Thornton’s Manufacturing Practice Leader Jeff French interviewed an executive of a specialty chemicals manufacturer whose current highest priority is hiring qualified workers. Staff of Pasadena, TX-based Dixie Chemical, explained Kelli Gregory, Dixie Chemical’s vice president of procurement and business support, visit junior to senior high schools to describe jobs, salaries, benefits and factory safety. Students and parents learn that manufacturing is a safe and forward-thinking industry, and employment opportunities are exciting and rewarding.

An important initiative at Dixie is open innovation; pursuing its open innovation strategy, the company brings suppliers and customers together to share challenges and consider solutions.

For more about proactivity in filling job openings and solving issues for customers, view the interview, which took place during the National Association of Manufacturers 2017 conference
in Houston.

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