Innovate your supply chain process in 5 steps

ReviewRevitalizing the supply chain process is a critical focus for manufacturing teams. An optimized process is cost effective, increases quality and efficiency, and enhances customer service. The outcome is a stronger competitive position.

To highlight best practices in supply chain process improvement, Ward Melhuish, national advisory leader of Grant Thornton’s Consumer and Industrial Products practice, interviewed the executive director of the Neeley Business School Center for Supply Chain Innovation at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. The center’s Professor Morgan Swink provided the following five top recommendations for optimizing your supply chain process:

  • Put someone in charge
  • Build capability and credibility
  • Get the CFO engaged and excited
  • Nurture an innovative culture
  • Create a scorecard

View the video for the discussion, which took place during the National Association of Manufacturers 2017 conference in Houston.

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