The road to healthcare reform: A bipartisan outlook 

Where is healthcare in America headed? What will changes mean for today’s businesses?  These key questions were addressed in a recent event focusing on the state of healthcare reform. Grant Thornton, in partnership with Bloomberg BNA and McGuire Woods, recently hosted an event, “Healthcare: The Outlook for Bi-Partisan Reform” in Washington, DC featuring a conversation with Senators William Cassidy (R-LA) and Tom Carper (D-DE).  The event is part of a yearlong program, Future Ready Business: Washington Impact, to help businesses understand and manage change coming from Washington.

Senators Cassidy and Carper, both members of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over healthcare reform, offered compelling insights about key questions including:

Senators William Cassidy and Tom Carper
  • Is the healthcare bill repeal and replace initiative masquerading as tax reform?
  • Will tax reform ultimately help or hinder participation in exchanges?
  • What key questions should business leaders be asking about the AHCA?
  • What changes might be in store for the excise tax?
  • How can younger, healthier populations be encouraged to join the exchanges?
  • What can employers do to control healthcare costs?
  • Is price transparency the key to reducing healthcare costs?

Watch the video to learn what a bi-partisan outlook for healthcare reform might mean for your business.

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