Meet risk challenges through leadership, collaboration

HealthCareRx - Meet risk challenges through leadership, collaborationHealth care organizations continue to call for all hands on deck to keep up with transformational shifts in their industry. The shifts demand changes in processes, organizational structures and technology, which in turn create new and more complex risks. For internal audit (IA) to be a partner in identifying and managing risks, leadership and collaboration roles must both be embraced.

A traditional audit may not be sufficient for capturing today’s highest-risk areas. To provide a thorough audit, it is essential to build a partnership with compliance, IT, operations, finance, risk management and an entity often not engaged by IA — the clinicians. For effective partnering with all constituents, IA must understand and be able to communicate meaningfully about how changes create heightened risk for all stakeholders, and then work with the diverse participants to build controls that can then be measured, monitored and reviewed.

Download the PDF to read about the proliferation of risk due to changes in care delivery and related activities, how IA can be a leader in collective risk assessment and management in all functional areas, and why IA’s direct involvement in the clinical space is critical.