Demystifying fintech: Innovation at a manageable pace

Finger on touchscreenDigital democratization, robotics and artificial intelligence have transformed entire industries over the last two decades. Although it’s still early, financial services is headed down the same inevitable path to disruption and towards an explosion in productivity and efficiency.

It’s time to get on board. And even though revolutionary fintech change is just beginning, future technology adoption decisions need to be made now.

If you’re like most financial services firms, you’re not starting from scratch:
  • Your data strategy, analytics and reporting foundations are set and maturing.
  • Your cyber defenses are in place, extensive and agile.
  • Your data center capacity and processing strategy is in place.
  • You are looking for potential automation opportunities in operations.
  • You are aware, understand and keeping a close eye on Blockchain, NLP and AI.
  • You are exploring some new analytics adds with machine learning.

Where do you go from here?

Successful firms will focus on the big picture and plan for the adoption of interrelated technologies. We recommend that you adopt them at a manageable pace that fits the needs of your business. These technologies are interdependent and build on each other. Long term, they will all be relevant.

Following are our recommendations for each, to help you decide how to orchestrate their adoption.