America’s tax overhaul: Global mobility impact

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America’s tax overhaulOrganizations that use national and global mobility as a strategic growth tool understand well that managing the tax burdens and employment costs of mobile employees is a unique challenge.  Regulatory compliance, including tax, is one of the most pressing logistical issues in global mobility management.

The consequences of newly enacted tax reform will make managing the cost of mobility even more challenging while increasing the complexities of a mobile workforce in 2018 and beyond.  The changes enacted in the new tax legislation will require proactive assessment of the financial impacts of tax reform as well as substantial revision to existing company policies, immediately and over time, as certain provisions expire in years to come.

The Grant Thornton executive brief, “America’s tax overhaul: Implications for global mobility,” developed in partnership with Bloomberg Tax, helps organizations assess the implications of tax reform on their global mobility efforts, including the following considerations:
  • Tax rates and deductions
  • Taxes on moving expenses and employer-provided housing
  • Taxes on home ownership
  • Impact on assignment costs

Download the report to learn how your organization’s 2018 global mobility strategy might be impacted by new tax changes and which provisions in the new tax bill will pose significant challenges and implications.

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