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Senate Health Care Mirrors House Retroactive Repeal of ACA Taxes

Senate Republicans released health care reform legislation on June 22 that follows the House’s lead in repealing Affordable Care Act taxes, but breaks from the House in other key areas. Though both bills would repeal and replace much of the ACA, they differ over how they handle subsidies for coverage, coverage requirements, and Medicaid reform. 

Grant Thornton, 23 June 2017


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Goodbye, Medicaid

Senate Republicans have proposed a radical shrinking of the popular program. The effects of a rollback could filter into the workplace and negatively impact employers.

The New York Times, 23 June 2017

Volcker Rule Changes Likely as Focus Shifts to Regulators

A bipartisan consensus is emerging that this Dodd-Frank restriction on how banks do business needs recalibration to eliminate the burden on banks.

Bloomberg Law, 23 June 2017

Energy Projects Worth $50 Billion Are Stalled Until Trump Fills Empty Posts

Until President Trump fills key vacancies at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, sprawling energy projects are in limbo.

Bloomberg, 23 June 2017


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Trump Faces His Biggest Trade Decision Yet

The White House is on the heels of a major decision whether to impose new restrictions on steel imports, sparking global fears about a trade war.

The Washington Post, 19 June 2017

A Look at Energy Markets After the First Five Months of Trump

Coal is enjoying a rebound, renewable power supplies are growing, and oil is tanking.

Bloomberg, 25 June 2017

In This Part of the Midwest, the Problem Isn’t China. It’s Too Many Jobs.

An economy at full capacity is an unusual problem to have—one that governments need to address. With unemployment at a 16-year low, manufacturers face a dearth of potential hires. 

The Washington Post, 20 June 2017


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Plan Now for Tax Reform Impact on Supply Chain

Faced with looming legislative proposals, corporate CFOs are being challenged to address tricky tax implications of making adjustments to their supply chain.


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What Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Really Means

Behind the scenes, Amazon has been using technology to vertically integrate nearly the entire process of consumption.

The New Yorker, 24 June 2017

Will the Law Treat Opioids More Like Cigarettes or Handguns?

Pharmaceutical companies are getting sued by multiple state governments, which accuse them of reprising the role of Big Tobacco and fueling the opioid crisis.

Bloomberg Businessweek, 22 June 2017

Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel

Excess heat in Phoenix grounded more than 40 flights, and scientists say a warming climate could also mean more turbulent rides.

The New York Times, 20 June 2017