Artificial intelligence is changing the game for directors

Woman holding cellphoneFrom how you price your services to the skills you seek in new hires, technology is changing how organizations like yours—and your competitors—are doing business. Being technologically savvy is crucial to capitalizing on the full impact of emerging workplace innovations like artificial intelligence (AI). While these might not be considered traditional responsibilities of business executives, they will be as big data, AI and robotics take an increasingly prominent role in day-to-day business functions.
In our video, get key insights on the way technology is changing business across all industries, including:
  • The impact of technology on skillsets
  • The role of data and analytics in today’s organizations
  • What artificial intelligence is and the purpose it serves
  • Thought starters on how you can use technology to improve your organization

Watch the video below to learn insights on key industry risks and how data and technology are changing the corporate landscape from Dave Wedding, chairman, Grant Thornton Partnership Board, and Dr. JT Kostman, one of the world’s leading data scientists.