Grow with customer retention

How to know and keep your customers

Owner who shakes hands with customers on smile in shop Customer retention is increasingly becoming an enterprise focus. While it started with sales and marketing, today finance departments are increasingly realizing the profitability associated with loyal customers in the B2C and B2B space.

You already know that it’s cheaper to retain a current customer than to land a new one, but the difference is material. And what your customers cared about a year ago has fundamentally changed, so it’s time to rediscover who your customer is, what they want and how you can meet their needs today and tomorrow.

The post-pandemic environment has presented challenges and opportunities for acquiring and retaining customers. Subscription and recurring revenue models are pervasive across B2B and B2C and across industries, but what's best for your organization?

Listen in as our Chris Smith, Melissa Dimitri and Jessica Nevers discuss how to get to growth with customer retention.

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