Accelerate diversity in your board

Converging crises offer chance to grow through broad 'diversity of thought'

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NACD Logo The pandemic, the economic downturn and social unrest have thrown myriad challenges at businesses and their boards. Yet crises present opportunities. Today's climate calls for bold actions to accelerate diversity in a broad sense, from race and gender to age and skill sets. Those who take that approach will move ahead fastest.

At the board level, the journey to full inclusion begins with a few realities:

  • Board members need to provide solid oversight, guidance and strategy predicated on understanding customers and employees who may look, think and behave differently than they do.
  • Investors want a richness in the boardroom that can help the company adapt quickly to changing markets. This recognition is spurring discussion around environmental, social and governance issues.
  • Company leaders are seeking diverse thought processes to make informed decisions under tight turnarounds.

A first step is acknowledging shortcomings and identifying gaps. Does the board have the right diversity to be ahead of the curve? For detailed insights and 12 tips to move forward, download and read Accelerate board diversity.


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