Proper planning essential for IPO journey

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Business Folks Candidly evaluating your company’s readiness is a good place to start your journey toward an initial public offering (IPO). There are operational, financial, legal and capital structural matters to consider, not to mention regulations. You will need the right people, processes and systems in place to complete the offering, and also to meet ongoing responsibilities.

Questions to consider:

  • Do you need additional internal legal, financial and investor relations professionals with the knowledge and experience to navigate the IPO process and the demands of being a public company?
  • Should you engage new external advisers, solicit additional independent board members, and possibly amend your legal and capital structure?
  • Will you need to upgrade accounting and reporting systems as well as internal policies and procedures?

Begin planning the transition to a public company at least a year before commencing the IPO process, which itself can take four to six months. Failure to address key elements could cause delays and divert management’s attention. Being fully prepared is the best way to ensure success.

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